Infrared by Sauna Works

All Clearlight Infrared Sauna models are beautiful as well as functional and come in a number of convenient sizes and shapes. All of our saunas are made with the highest quality craftsmanship and include our advanced True Wave II heaters making Clearlight Infrared Saunas the sauna of choice. Each model is constructed with tongue and groove Western Red Canadian Cedar and crafted to a furniture grade finish to give your sauna an elegant look that will enhance any room. Each Infrared Sauna model is hand crafted with Furniture-grade Western Red Canadian Cedar, True Wave II far infrared heaters, Enhanced wooden light shade inside your sauna to give you the true sauna experience, Recessed halogen accent lights outside, Reversible flat or ergonomic bench (is-2 and is-3 saunas only), Digital keypad controls located inside and outside of your sauna controlling temperature, time and lights, High-quality AM/FM/CD stereo with stereo speakers pre-installed, Lifetime Warranty on your entire sauna; the wood cabin, heaters and controls.