J'ai Besoin All Day Moisture Lotion

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J'ai Besoin All Day Moisture Lotion is a lightweight cream that helps stimulate collagen and improve tone and elasticity. 1.6oz. [28g]

This lightweight cream, rich in bio-peptides and copper helps to stimulate collagen naturally found in the skin. Noticeably improves tone and elasticity with regular use.

Biopeptide CL (Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Propylene Glycol, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide)
stands in comparison to retinoic acid and is recommended in the restructure of the skin's matrix.

  • Collagen stimulant.
  • Skin will become strong and firm.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles become smoother.
  • Protects skin against UV rays.

Squalane occurs widely in nature in plants. It easily absorbs oxygen, and facilitates delivery of oxygen throughout the body to cellular tissues.

  • Antioxidant

Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that adds water to the epidermal layer while providing homeostasis.

  • Intercellular matrix is composed of many elements that hold cell together. Glycerin is just one example.
  • Helps prevent dehydration, and dry/wrinkled appearance.
  • Aids in skin's immune/healing system.

Propylene Glycol

  • Humectant- a substance that retains moisture.
  • Skin feels moist and soft.

Sodium PCA is contained abundantly in skin and plays the role of a "natural moisturizing factor" ingredient. As children, our skin possessed an abundant supply of sodium PCA. But as we age, the level of sodium PCA drops 50% or more!

  • Extremely hygroscopic (attracts water into the skin from the surrounding air).
  • Imparts a pleasant moist feeling to the skin.
  • Increases softness and elasticity.

Copper (Saccharomyces/Copper Ferment)

  • Anti-Oxidant