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Washday Laundry Soap Powder
8lb. Jug
Wash Day Powder is safe for all types of washing machines and septic systems when used as directed.
Uses Include: Laundry Soap for all washable fabrics
Each 8lb jug of Wash Day Laundry Powder can wash up to 256 loads of clothes.
Item #: LSWDP
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Laundry Soap. Rely on Wash Day's Low Sudsing Formula to clean, protect and leave your clothes smelling fresh. Convenient to use and safe for all washable fabrics, Wash Day combines the latest technology with pure soap to naturally clean your laundry. Gentle on the environment, Wash Day's highly concentrated natural soap formula is an exceptional choice for your family's laundry needs. Wash Day leaves your laundry looking clean and bright.