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Platinum 13" Grill Pan with Cover
Professional Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware Platinum Grill Pan with Cover
Item #: LI3202PC
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Multi-layers of heat conducting metals spread heat quickly and evenly eliminating the need for oil. A vapor seal creates a vacuum in each pan and eliminates the need for excess water as well. Foods prepared the waterless, low-temperature way retain more vitamins and minerals. There is only a 2% average mineral loss with our Thermo-Control cooking method - a savings up to 47%.

The special accuthermic compact base, with the force of 1.2 tons, gets inseparably adhered to the 1.2mm thick pot body made out of several light-metal layers. The bottom picks up even the lowest amount of energy extremely quickly, distributes it evenly over the entire surface and conserves it perfectly. These attributes guarantee optimal heat conduction, distribution and conservation.

All Professional Platinum Cookware is manufactured using T-304 Stainless Steel to help insure even cooking, maximum durability, and save time with easy cleaning. T-304 does not oxidize or rust, which means your cookware will not only last a lifetime, it will also keep its beauty and shine for a lifetime.

We are so sure of this that there is also a limited lifetime guarantee on all Platinum Cookware.

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